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Anyone out there wish it was hotter?  Pretty much what used to be pretty and green out here…aside from the flower beds and landscaping which we water heavily….is now brown!  My vegetable garden is officially dead!!

Oh well, everything has its time.  Thankfully, we had a number of groups out when things were still pretty.  Here are some highlights of the last couple of months.

On April 25th, Molly Lubbock and her group from Falls City came out and spent most of the day.  We took a lot of pictures and did a lot of riding.  And it was still nice enough for a hayride.  Very enjoyable and pretty as the cactus were in full bloom.

On May 26th, I was asked to sing at the Floresville Special Athletes Sports Banquet.  We had a table set up with our cards and pictures, and were able to meet a lot of parents and their children.

From that we got Kim Jarutowicz and her group from “Potential Growth” to give us a visit on July 1st.  By now, of course, the heat had truly kicked in and we vetoed the hayride and instead played more games in the shade, along with the riding of course.  If fact, I think everyone rode twice and we even got mom (Debra) up on the horse once.

We have enjoyed everyone who has come out the last couple of months, not just the groups – and encourage you to look around our new website.  A special thank you to our board member Jason Baker for getting this website up and running.  We could not be more pleased.  Till next time…Roger and Sheri

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