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Jamie’s Ranch has had a busy couple of months.  Pleasanton HS life skills class came out on a Friday in December and then most of the life skills classes from Floresville came out on the following Friday.  The group from Floresville was almost 70 students, teachers and parents. While we’ve had bigger groups over the course of a day, this was the biggest group we have had all at one time.

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, I believe everyone was busy and entertained on both days and had a good time.  All the games were up, the animals were cooperative and we had a lot of riders.  We had a lot of smiles out there.  We also got some very good ideas from participants for future activities and games.  We’re always looking for new ideas.

A good indication that we’re on the right track is that we have gotten 3 Birthday parties booked in the next month for some very special kids and their families.  That’s what we hope to achieve…..we want the kiddos to want to come back because they’ve had a good experience.

We have started construction on our handicapped accessible restroom.  Thank you to Ken and Judy Clifford who have been very generous with their time and materials.  We could not have pulled this off without them.  We hope to have this completed by the end of this month.

We are available for private parties for your child (birthdays, graduations, family get togethers or any special occasion).  These services are free for families with a special needs child, but we greatly appreciate any donation that could be made.  We do have a variety of tables/chairs/decorations/etc. to help with your party plans.  We also have a covered pavilion.  We have a grilling area and we do provide the wood if we have it handy.  Horse rides, hay ride, petting zoo and games are all available.  Call 830-570-6163 for more information.

We have added a gallery to our website where we will be posting pictures of all that goes on at Jamie’s Ranch.  And yes, we are on Facebook so please take a look at our picture albums.

Take care:

Sheri and Roger Mitzel

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